Raman System Built in Darkroom

Accepts various experimental techniques


RamanLab operates a Raman open-system in the dark room which enables variety of experiments. By combining a high-spec monochromator with a CCD camera efficient from visible to near-infrared light, Raman spectra of various organic and inorganic materials are measurable with high resolution. With 5 types of lasers, Raman mapping devices, and the equipment for temperature-dependent experiments, we promise faithfull cooperation for long-term projects as well as simple measurements.

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shamrock 500i.png

Andor Newton CCD


TE cooling to -100°C

Negligible dark current

Optimized pixel size for high resolution spectroscopy

High NIR QE, virtually etalon-free-ideal for NIR Raman

Active pixels (μm): 1024 x 256

Pixels size (μm): 26 x 26

    Andor Shamrock 500i


    Image astigmatism correction

    Triple exchangeable grating turret

    Aperture ratio: F/6.5

    Focal length: 500 mm

    Wavelength Resolution: 0.06 nm


      532 nm Multi-mode

      671 nm single-mode

      785 nm single-mode

      830 nm Single-mode


        Glavano-mirror scanner

        Motorized xyz stage

          LINKAM STAGE


          Temperature range

          -195°C ~ 600°C

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