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Spontaneous Raman Experiment 

Polarization Raman Experiment 

Raman Mapping


Temperature-dependent Raman Experiment

Data Analysis

Raman Analysis Service

RamanLab operates 5 types of lasers, Raman mapping devices, and the equipment for temperature dependent experiment, and keeps SERS substrates. Spontaneous Raman measurement, Raman mapping, SERS, polarization experiment, and temperature dependent experiments are possible.

Not only the small-sized specimen that can be observed under a microscope, but bulky objects which cannot be placed on the microscope's stage also can be Raman-measured.

Sufficient prior consultation for the Raman analysis can lead to the more efficient measurement and useful data.

All measurements and analyzes are carried out under the responsibility of a PhD. specialized in Raman spectroscopy.


  • 1-point Raman measurement

  • Raman data + microscope image


  • Mapping area Raman measurement

  • Measurement data + microscope image + mapping image


  • Silmeco SERS substrate

  • Measurement data


  • Linkham Stage (-196 ~ 600 °C)

  • Temperature data + microscope image

데이터 분석

  • Baseline correction, Peak assingnment, Normalization

  • Peak fitting, Integral intensity, Intensity ratio, etc.

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