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About RamanLab

Raman spectroscopy is a fast and powerful non-destructive method that can be applied to numerous materials, and its demand continues to increase worldwide. However, it is not easy to have expensive equipment and professional manpower.

RamanLab is a specialized Raman analysis company that was established with the aim of providing immediate help to the research field in response to these difficulties.

Based on our accumulated know-how on Raman equipment construction, Raman Lab has established an optimized Raman system for analyzing not only inorganic substances but also highly fluorescent organic substances.

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RamanLab's Analysis Service



Measurement and analysis are made under the responsibility of a PhD in Raman Spectroscopy


Get a professional analysis service at a reasonable cost



Receive analysis requests 24/7. We promise quick measurements

Research Together

RamanLab pursues joint research for short and long-term projects



Routine device calibration ensures accurate data


​We promise to continue responding even after the analysis is completed

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